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Testimonials: how floor shield coatings transformed different spaces

Testimonials: how floor shield coatings transformed different spaces

As more and more homeowners, businesses, and property managers seek innovative solutions to enhance the durability and aesthetics of their flooring, the transformative power of concrete coatings has become increasingly evident.

At Floor Shield, we get questions like, “What can I expect my floor to look like after a Floor Shield installation?” and “Do you have any examples of the work you’ve done?”

In this article, we’ll delve into answering both questions through pictures, testimonials, and a video highlighting one of our customers.


Dorito Factory Before and After
Long Island HS Before and After


Hilton SanDestin


Fort Cavazos Apache Helicopter Workshop 
Ft Cavazos Machinery room
Ft Cavazos Barracks
Fort Cavazos Theater


Teresa, her husband, and their partner George used to run a restaurant. They were working 7 days a week with well over 40 hours spent on the grind. After getting tired of that lifestyle, they searched for something else. When it comes to home improvement, Teresa and her husband have always been do-it-yourselfers and that lifetime experience brought them to Floor Shield.

In our discussion with her, Teresa stated that, “We loved the idea of a one-day in and out application process” and that “We also were invested in the product itself for its quality. We figured it’s something our neck of the woods needed more of.”

Teresa described to us a customer experience she had where they worked on a small one-car garage. The lady who owned it frequently cooked in it, and the floor had gotten very messy and stained as a result. “We coated it, and now she can cook in there and easily clean it,” Teresa commented.

Teresa also went on to describe a commercial setting they did that they are proud of with a local Virginia winery that’s been around for decades, Foothills.

JFK Airport

A rehabilitation center done by Floor Shield of Oregon and SW Washington

A senior dog sanctuary done by Floor Shield of Castle Rock 
 Barn done by Floor Shield of Castle Rock

Nicole and Arthur of Floor Shield of Michigan used to work in mudjacking, which is the process of leveling sunken concrete. The massive downside to concrete leveling is the holes you get in the concrete after finishing the job, an unavoidable result from the mudjacking process.

Arthur and Nicole described instances of many displeased homeowners who hated seeing the blemishes, and this, in turn, motivated the two to seek a floor solution that wouldn’t come with an inevitable downside. The two also noticed that many times, they would get contracted to level a floor so a homeowner could then send in another contractor to install a concrete coating, which would not only cover up the mudjack holes but serve as a more aesthetically pleasing floor.

This inspired them to get into the business of Floor Shield, where we do all the necessary preparation work on your concrete before applying our 100% polyaspartic concrete coating.

“People want their garages to be useful,” Arthur stated in the conversation we had with him and Nicole. “A lot of people use their garages for an additional living space. People who smoke cigarettes, for example, might need a comfortable place to smoke that won’t interfere with potential non-smokers living in the home.”

When the two recalled jobs they were especially proud of, they mentioned an animal hospital they transformed, both because of the sheer size of the work it entailed, and it helped an invaluable place. The job was over 3,000 square feet of floor that needed a lot of repairs before they could apply the coating.

Not to mention, they encountered many obstacles along the way. After they completed the work, the result was something to be proud of. So much so that the animal hospital is contracting them again later this year to do the other half of the facility.

A before and after of the animal surgical center done by Floor Shield of Michigan
Pole barn/personal bar done by Floor Shield of Michigan 
 Luxury garage units done by Floor Shield of Houston

Last but not least, we talked to Sean and Emma who run Great Lakes Concrete Coatings. Sean’s father has been a Rhino Shield (our home exterior coating) dealer for close to 20 years. When Sean decided to run a business of his own, he went with a brand he knew he could trust. Sean and Emma already had experience installing concrete coatings for another company, so going with Floor Shield was a no-brainer.

Emma and Sean described a local oil change shop that had three layers of old epoxy coatings that needed to be removed and replaced. “Grinding off epoxy can take days,” Sean noted. “We only had a weekend to do it all. So, we were not only on a time crunch to get it all done but we didn’t even know what the concrete underneath would look like until we took it off.”

Despite the challenges, they got the job done punctually. Even with all the hurdles, they were proud of how good it turned out.


Floor Shield gets constant feedback from both our customers and dealers, which motivates us to continue improving our product so that we maintain the good relations we’ve built, and we’ll continue to do so well into the future.

If you’d like more information on Floor Shield’s attributes that make it a superior product, check out this article.

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